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3 Stocks Set to Become India's Next Mega Stocks

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    See, we're not financial advisors. We're an independent stock research firm. We do not guarantee any returns. And if someone guarantees you any kind of return in stock market, you should run away.

    What we can certainly guarantee you is our 100% commitment to guide you in finding the best stocks that have the highest chance of generating best possible returns in the next 3-5 years.

  • How are the returns calculated?

    The returns mentioned in the copy are calculated as the % difference between the price on the date of closure of the recommendation and the price on the date of the recommendation. Details of the calculation are as below:

    Stock name Price on date of Recommendation (Rs) Price on date of closing (Rs) % Returns achieved
    Page Industries* 306 20,589 6635%
    City Union Bank 23 136 489%
    Balkrishna Industries 76 885 1058%
    NIIT Technologies 73 477 550%
    Kolte Patil 76 225 196%
    Titagarh Wagons 66 164 148%
    SKM Egg Products 70 117 68%
    Vinati Organics 430 1057 146%
    GMDC 83 134 61%
    CanFin Homes 429 1847 330%
    Ruchira Papers 55 106 92%
    VST Tillers 970 1995 106%
    Zensor Technologies 312 761 144%
    Infinite Computers 127 296 133%
    Repco Home 310 699 126%
    Plastiblends India 173 309 79%
    PI Industries 134 488 264%
    Astral Polytechnik 161 391 143%
    Suprajit Engineering 19 51 160%
    Poly Medicure 284 525 85%

    Note: * for open positions, prices are as on June 30, 2019
    Do note that past performance is no guarantee for future results.

  • How much could I lose if you're wrong?

    No investment strategy is 100% safe. And you should not invest anything more than you could afford to lose. With that being said, you should talk to your financial advisor regarding asset allocation and appropriate risk profile.

    Please remember that despite doing all the hard work we do every day, sometimes even we go wrong.

    For example – We recommended SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. at one point that ended with a loss of 71%.

    Then, there's Bartronics India Ltd. which did not meet out returns expectations and closed with a loss of 32%.

    Having said that, the overall success ratio of Hidden Treasure is 64.5% for all closed positions since 2008-2019.

    Which means, more than 6 out of every 10 recommendations have hit their mark in the past.

  • Can I really try this out for 30 days?

    Yes, you can! In fact, we encourage you to do that right now. Just check all our past issues, current open recommendations, and read all special reports at your own leisure time. If in 30 days, you're not absolutely thrilled, then simply contact us on the 31st day, and we'll refund 100% of your subscription fee right away. Of course, you get to keep whatever you have read and downloaded. That's our way of thanking you of giving us a try.

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    Yes, for a very limited time, we've decided to price it for only Rs 2,950/year. The reason we make it so cheap is because we want as many people as possible to access our research.

    Since 1996, we have been guiding hundreds of thousands of readers like you with our unbiased stock research. And we want to do the same for many years to come.

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    It's not difficult at all. There is no technical analysis that you'll have to perform. All you need to know is the specific play, and when to get in and when to get out. We will do all the hard work for you. Each stock alert will tell you exactly what to do. You just have to decide whether you want to follow what we recommend!

  • This sounds like a "get rich quick scheme" to me - are you for real?

    This is NOT a "get rich quick" gimmick. Equitymaster, is in the business of sharing ideas and actionable research that can help you thrive in any type of market. And we've been doing this since 1996. If we published foolish or dishonest material - we'd be out of business by now.

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    YES, anyone can learn to do this. Why? Because we designed this research service especially for readers like YOU. That is, a regular Indian who wants to improve their financial circumstances, now have a very realistic chance to do that without taking ANY unnecessary risks.

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